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Explorium is a value-generating ecosystem where businesses, start-ups, incubators, accelerators and venture capitalists collaborate to explore disruptive technologies that are reshaping global supply chain and retail in the digital era. Created in Shanghai by Hong Kong’s Fung Group, Explorium, built upon multiple retail experiments and comprehensive data analyses of its 2015 predecessor, is a trailblazing experimental platform for seamlessly integrating new technology applications with business model innovation, to transform and advance the supply chain and retail industries.

Who We Are

At Explorium’s core lies more than a century of Fung Group leadership in sourcing and exporting consumer products. We are engaged in building “smart” supply chains of the future, which includes applying latest digital technology to the creation, design and development of consumer products; in New Retail activities across China and the wider region, and in deepening retail and brand interactions with consumers in the O2O (online-to-offline) era.

Our Commitment

Accelerate Supply Chain Innovation

Partnering closely with incubators hatched in China and beyond, we bring together start-ups focused on supply chain transformation and innovative New Retail technologies with the Fung Group, its partners and extensive networks to accelerate business model innovation and the creation of smart supply chains of the future.

New Retail Experiment

Leveraging our leadership in digital supply chain transformation, we promote collaborative relationships with partners, entrepreneurial innovators and technology start-ups to build New Retail and smart supply chain models. Explorium also facilitates experiments to apply new technologies to product and brand development.

Showcase Global Strengths

Experience Center is a fascinating showcase of the Fung Group’s storied generations and experience in trading, logistics, distribution and retailing across 40 economies worldwide, and of how we contribute economic and social value to businesses, economies and communities around the world.

Our Vision

Creating Smart Supply Chains for the New Retail Era

As New Retail continues to evolve in China and spread across the world, underpinned by omnichannel business models, the need for more advanced systems to manage faster, smarter global supply chains is pressing. This is an area where Fung Group has maintained a strategic advantage across generations - and continues to lead the way.

Explorium was first launched as a trailblazing initiative to explore the future of retail. Since 2017, the Fung Group has tasked Explorium with “Creating Smart Supply Chains for the New Retail Era”. Like the Fung Group as a whole, Explorium is committed to adding value to business partners and commercial enterprises all along the supply chain, from product concept to retail interface. Through collaboration and experimentation with new digital technologies, we are developing and propelling supply chain in the O2O era of New Retail in China and beyond.

Dr. Victor K. Fung

Chairman of Fung Group

“As a global supply chain operator, we hope to build Explorium into a value-generating ecosystem for commercial enterprises.”
Chang Ka Mun

Managing Director of Li & Fung Development (China) Ltd.

“We are embracing the future, building interactive, end-to-end and seamless smart supply chains for New Retail.”
Stanley Lam

Director of Explorium

“We offer smart supply chain solutions and related services through the integration of technology and innovative business models.”

Fung Group

Fung Holdings (1937) Limited, a privately-held business entity headquartered in Hong Kong, is the major shareholder of the Fung Group Companies. Their core businesses engage in trading, logistics, distribution and retailing. Li & Fung Limited (SEHK: 00494), Global Brands Group Holding Limited (SEHK: 00787) and Fung Retailing Limited are all subsidiaries of Fung Group.

Explorium Overview

Experience Center

Innovative supply chains are the key drivers of future growth in the New Retail era. With our long history and expertise in sourcing and global sourcing chain, the Fung Group continues to raise innovative technology and service standards in the industry, improving the lives of one billion people along the supply chain. A visit to Explorium’s Experience Center provides instant immersion into the Fung Group and its enduring family values, allowing an in-depth understanding of the Group’s progressive smart supply chains and how they provide value and service to brands and retailers around the world.


Collaboration Space

Explorium is a collaboration space that welcomes the sharing of experiences and ideas. It is also an experimental platform that allows technology and business innovation to come together seamlessly. Here, we conduct meetings, exhibitions, training and other activities to advance the strategic development of the Group and its partners in the New Retail era, through communication and collaboration.


Innovation Hub

Inspired by New Retail in China, we have established Explorium as an open and innovative ecosystem for commercial enterprises in supply chain and retail that operate to international standard. Explorium’s Innovation Hub brings together top-tier accelerators, incubators and venture capitalists from China and beyond, with start-ups in supply chain transformation and New Retail. Leveraging the Fung Group’s extensive global supply chain and retail expertise, we provide comprehensive and tailored support to our suppliers, customers and partners. We work together to develop product and supply chain solutions to digitalize and transform the global supply chain system.

News Center


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喜贺利程坊2.0全新开启 – 创造智慧供应链,启迪新零售未来


喜贺利程坊2.0全新开启 – 创造智慧供应链,启迪新零售未来



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